Undergraduate Perspectives on APSA
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By Sofia Campos, University of California, San Diego, and Leanne Dumeny, University of Florida

Sofia Campos headshotSofia Campos
Undergraduate Liaison

Hello APSA members! We are your undergraduate liaisons – Sofia Campos, a senior from University of California, San Diego, and Leanne Dumeny, a senior from the University of Florida. After joining APSA last year, we wanted to share our interest in becoming physician-scientists with others, and inform more students about the possibilities and opportunities of a dual degree. We have found that opportunities for being advised and mentored about the MD/PhD track are not as abundant as we would prefer. By exposing undergraduates to resources within APSA, we hope to facilitate decisions about career development as physician-scientists.

Leanne Dumeny headshotLeanne Dumeny
Undergraduate Liaison

Our involvement thus far has been centered on understanding how APSA can benefit undergraduates, and finding out ways to make that happen. One priority is to make the annual meeting an experience that will benefit undergraduates and develop their interest in a dual degree. As the undergraduate liaisons, we want to create more opportunities and expose the resources that will guide students to be able to fulfill their passions.

In APSA, we work with great people who share our desire to become physician-scientists. If any undergraduates (or anyone else) have ideas to further the opportunities at the annual meeting or other potential events, we encourage you to contact us at sofia.campos@physicianscientists.org; or leanne.dumeny@physicianscientists.org. Please let us know if you have any comments, suggestions, or needs that can help in becoming an MD/PhD student. There is a need for physician-scientists and their unique perspective on medicine and research, and we would like to help as many students as possible realize opportunities and achieve success in this career. We look forward to a productive year ahead.