APSA Local Chapters
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APSA Local Chapter Initiative 

The creation of local chapters (LCs) is a new initiative by the American Physician Scientists Association (APSA) to promote its mission, increase peer and institutional networking among physician-scientists in training and create a central identity for students pursuing such training. LCs will serve as an effective vehicle to secure funding and pursue local, self-identified goals.

LCs are intended to encourage students who are training as physician-scientists to take accountability for their own education. Given the rather disjointed nature of this training path, LCs will offer an effective means for students to supplement deficiencies in curricula as they see fit, while also giving emphasis to additional member-specified areas of interest. The formalized structure will allow  LCs to more effectively achieve outlined goals/missions.

LCs will communicate with APSA primarily through a designated Institutional Representative who will maintain contact with the APSA Membership Committee. Correspondence will typically happen via email or phone conference. This relationship is intended to facilitate efficient and effective LC establishment, and provide guidance throughout to ensure the LC’s goals are achieved.

If you are interested in forming an LC, indicate your interest by completing an Initial Application. Following completion of this initial application, you can then download and complete the Secondary Application documents, which will guide you in starting your local chapter. During this process, the APSA Membership Committee will be in contact to help you establish an LC at your institution.

Information about establishing an APSA Local Chapter:

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