Local Chapter Application Process
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Local Chapter Application Process Overview

The purpose of the information on this page is to give you an overview of the application process for becoming an APSA Local Chapter (LC). The application (in chronological order) includes:

1)    Initial Application (short, online form to indicate interest in forming an APSA LC)

2)    Scheduled Local Chapter 1st Meeting

3)    Submission of the Secondary Application

Brief Overview of the Process for Applying to become an APSA LC

First, you must submit the Initial application. You should then hold your new local chapter’s first meeting and during that meeting work to complete the materials required for submission of the secondary application. The secondary application is meant to enable you put into place the leadership and foundation that your local chapter will need to be active and successful. You should also review the following information, which can be found below, and on the APSA Local Chapter webpage. This information is provided to help you form a well-structured and efficiently run LC, based on the experience of previously successful APSA LCs:

Expectations and Benefits of an APSA LC

Proposed APSA LC Structure

APSA LC Programing Ideas

The Initial Application

The Initial Application is three simple questions, and should take just a couple of minutes to complete. The purpose of the initial application is to: 1) make APSA aware of your interest in forming a local chapter and 2) to submit a statement of intent that serves to establish your commitment to starting a chapter and seeing it through by leading the initiative at your institution. The Initial Application is web-based and can be found here.

The Scheduled Meeting with LC Members at your Institution

After submitting the Initial Application, you should begin to recruit officers and members to your LC. You should schedule a meeting with your new officers and members to discuss the Secondary Application components (see below) and delegate the responsibility of completing these components. It is likely that your LC will start with a few members who are highly committed to starting an LC, and will grow over time after the LC is established and starts holding regular meetings and sponsoring events.

Once you have established your LC, you are eligible to apply for one of 4 LC Event Grants given out each semester. This $100 grant can go toward your first membership meeting, or toward establishing your new LC. Eligibility for this $100 is contingent upon your submission of the secondary application components within 1 month of submitting the Initial Application. To apply for the LC Event Grant grant after submission of your Secondary Application , please see these instructions.

The Secondary Application:

The purpose of the secondary application is to ensure that your LC hits the ground running by establishing strong leadership, a qualified faculty advisor, and the infrastructure and governing guidelines necessary to make the chapter active, effective, and sustainable into the future. The secondary application does require some work and thoughtful effort. However, if it is taken seriously, it will benefit your chapter tremendously.

Secondary Application Components:

The secondary application has four components, which can be downloaded by clicking the links below. To complete the secondary application, you will need to download and complete, the following documents:

·       Constitution

·       Mission Statement with Budget/Programming

·       Officer List and Agreement

·       Advisor Agreement

Instructions for Completing the Secondary Application:

·       The secondary application is to be completed less than one month after submission of the Initial Application.

·       The completed materials should be submitted on the Secondary Application Webpage.

·       Instructions for each of the four components of the secondary applications:

o   Constitution: We have provided a constitution template that can be downloaded above as an MS Word document. Use this template to draft a constitution for you LC. Your completed constitution should be uploaded to your secondary application at the time of submission.

o   Mission Statement with Budget/Programming: Please download and complete this form, as per the instructions within the form. Upload your completed form to your secondary application at the time of submission.

o   Officer List and Agreement AND Advisor Agreement. Download these forms using the links above. You should complete these forms and keep them on record. However, you will NOT upload these forms to the secondary application webpage. Instead, you can enter this information in the spaces provided on the Secondary Application webpage. 

Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or need further instructions.