A Journal by Medical Students, for Medical Students
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The ability to analyze, critique, and use research in practice is essential to master evidence-based medicine and deliver the best care possible to patients. A group of committed medical students have established the American Medical Student Research Journal (AMSRJ) to promote interest in research among their peers as well as to provide a platform for the development of critical thinking skills needed for clinical success.

The creation of this pilot academic publication, which is authored, reviewed, and edited by medical students in association with faculty mentors, was entirely student-driven. Students raised funds to cover incorporation as a non-profit among other expenses.

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The founding members recruited fellow medical students to serve as reviewers and editorial board members. Student editors created guidelines for editorial workflow, reviewers, and author submissions. The editorial board recruited senior faculty to create a training program for reviewers.

Soon after, the editorial team launched their website and began accepting submissions for original research manuscripts, clinical experience essays, case reports, and health position policy articles. Advertising through email and social media has been a success, with both manuscript submissions and requests for greater involvement received from across the nation. The team has grown from a core group of 12 committed student editors to include 33 faculty advisors and 64 reviewers from medical schools across the country.

Conventionally medical students submit their work to journals in competition with physicians and scientists. Alternatively, AMSRJ provides a free, independent, open-access venue to allow students to connect and collaborate with their peers and future colleagues in a unique, constructive review process. Following traditional review with a supervising editor, section editor, and two reviewers, the reviewed manuscript is sent to a faculty advisor who is an expert in the relevant field for feedback on both the submission and the students’ assessments. This serves as an invaluable learning opportunity for the student reviewers and editors to develop their analytic appraisal skills and ensures that the publication maintains excellence in research standards.

The AMSRJ team has recently announced January 31, 2014 as the deadline for submissions for their inaugural issue, which will be published online in Spring 2014.