Benefits of Membership in the APSA
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Annual Meeting

  • Held in direct conjunction with the annual meetings of the ASCI and AAP, as well as the CSCR and MWAFMR. This provides APSA members with premier access to all events in these prestigious joint conferences.
  • Mentorship breakfasts with established physician scientists
  • Breakfasts with residency directors at some of the top institutions in the USA.
  • Poster session in direct conjunction with the ASCI and AAP, as well as a separate poster session in conjunction with the CSCR and MWAFMR.
  • Talks given by high-profile translational researchers invited by APSA, as well as access to all talks in the ASCI and AAP sections of the meeting, including some by the top physician scientists in the world.
  • Panel discussions given by residents in top institutions, including some in the new fast-track research residency programs.
  • Endless networking opportunities with world-renowned physician scientists, residency directors, NIH funding directors, residents, post-docs, not to mention hundreds of other students.
  • Workshops on career development, sponsored by APSA as well as ASCI and AAP.
  • Exposure to Deans, Department Chairs, and other high-profile members of the ASCI and AAP.
  • Opportunities for APSA-sponsored and CSCR/MWAFMR-sponsored travel awards.
  • Opportunities for publication of presentation abstracts for those presenting in the CSCR/MWAFMR poster session.

Regional Meetings

  • Held in California, New York, and Texas.
  • Inspiring talks and discussions with world-class physician scientists.
  • Breakout sessions discussing the how-to logistics of your future career combining science and medicine, guided by those who have done it successfully.
  • Networking dinner and social sessions with nearby students and top physician scientists from your geographic region.


  • The APSA provides a unified voice in advocating on behalf of physician-scientist trainees, on such issues as USMLE exams, funding, development of training curricula, and integrating more research into medicine.
  • Ensures that physician scientist trainees are represented in such organizations as the ASCI, AAP, and the AMA.
  • Provides travel and poster awards to aspiring physician scientists at the annual APSA meeting.
  • Supports regional networks among your nearby institutions, to encourage enriching communication, program development, and local networking.
  • Offers many opportunities for leadership at the local, regional, and national levels through involvement in institutional representation, standing committees, and executive council positions within the APSA.
  • Voting opportunities at the annual APSA business meeting for Full Members who decide to get involved in APSA representation and leadership.
  • Provides opportunities for political and lobbying involvement in policy issues related to physician scientist training.
  • Offers many avenues of networking opportunities, from local, regional and national APSA meetings to sponsorship of online interactive networks.

Website privileges

  • Secure access for members to the APSA website
  • Website is a convenient source for information on many issues related to physician scientist training, including
    • Vast contacts for relevant funding and grants
    • Advice on training issues
    • Program layout comparisons
    • Resources for connecting with other trainees, residents, postdocs, and established practicing physician scientists.
  • Access to the APSA newsletter "Phi Psi," written by trainees for fellow trainees, which includes
    • Updates on APSA's progression as the unified voice of American physician scientists trainees, and recent relevant issues/activities
    • Inside information on current APSA initiatives
    • Reviews, editorials, and discussion of various issues for physician scientist training
    • Information on upcoming meetings, as well as detailed recaps of recently held meetings at the regional and national levels.
    • Grant deadline reminders and relevant information
    • Physician scientist-related book reviews

Contact us with questions about membership.